Hi there! Thank you for your interest in Starenki’s work and help to lonely elderly people!

We are glad that you have decided to know more about our activities and we hope that you will find all the necessary information here. If something is missing – write to us by email or directly on Facebook.

The main reason why our Foundation exists is the elderly people in Ukraine we want to help. They are the reason for the creation of Starenki and our source of inspiration.

They are all very different and at the same time very similar. They are similar, first of all, because they are single – they do not have close relatives or other people who would take care of them.

But also they receive a very low pension, which is barely enough to cover utility bills and the most necessary food. Many of them can only dream of new clothes, leisure, something delicious or even quality medicine. Therefore, our supposedly small food aid is actually very large, because it frees up money that they can spend on necessary medicines or something else that is very necessary.

Interestingly, many of them say that our attention is much more important than the products we brought.

Before the quarantine we tried to communicate with each of them,
and our volunteers received thousands of thanks and wishes for health, happiness and other benefits. Undoubtedly, volunteers have to see and hear sad stories, because some have had a difficult life, some have had tragedies that still go unnoticed, and some are so sick or suffering from loneliness that they no longer want to live.

But there are also often stories and people who inspire with their optimism and cheerfulness.

And they wish us: be brave, do not wait for the perfect time – live here and now! However, every story – cheerful or sad – leaves no one indifferent and is an incredible amount of experience, thanks to which you want to build your own happy life, no matter what.

That is why we want them to be heard. Think about what they have to say and use it to reflect on your own life: think about your own grandparents, parents.

Be happy and join Starenki in helping elderly. Together we can do more!


Building a responsible attitude of the young Ukrainians to elderly people

That is how we defined our mission. Our dream is that young people do not forget to take care of their elderly parents, grandparents and, last but not least, think about their own elderly age and prepare for it – take care of their physical and psychological health, build a pension plan, take care of family and loyal friends nearby.

Starenki Foundation sets an example of help and provides an easy mechanism to fulfill desire to help the elderly people in need.

We build a volunteer community and spread important ideas. If you have an opportunity, you can join us as volunteers for packing / delivery or for visiting elderly people. If you do not have time at all – your donations for products and administration of the Foundation will be an important contribution to our common cause.

Neighborhood is a mechanism of real help

We consider good neighborliness to be a mechanism of real help to all those lonely people who are in a difficult financial situation. This is when everyone helps someone who is around and needs it. All you need to do is look a little wider on the usual route home from work, or ask an elderly neighbor if she needs to bring fresh bread and something for tea.


Our principles

When creating the Foundation, we promised ourselves the following:
Act simple and logical.
Do not use cash.

Together, these two points allow us to be transparent – all the activities of the Foundation can be seen in a simple bank statement.
We are open to audit and questions. All our founding documents and monthly reports can be found

Documents and reporting

Starenki Foundation is a volunteer organization created by ordinary people

The Foundation has nothing to do with political organizations or individuals, we have no oligarchs or big businesses backing us. The founders of the Foundation do not receive any financial benefit from its existence.

More about team

Assistance mechanism

The Starenki Charitable Foundation provides food and household aid packages to help lonely elderly people who are registered in those Territorial Centers for Social Services with which the Foundation has a Charitable Assistance Agreement.

The Foundation also cooperates with Caritas Ukraine and its regional organizations and provides food aid to the elderly they care for.

In both cases, the Foundation helps the elderly who have the lowest pension, no additional income and no close relatives or other caregivers.

The safety of elderly people is our highest priority

The Starenki Foundation does not work directly with beneficiaries, does not seek them out on its own, and the Foundation’s volunteers NEVER come to beneficiaries without a social worker or other representative of the relevant social service, who warns us in advance about our joint visit. This is one of the fundamental principles of the Foundation’s functioning.

We would very much like to help more people, but due to limited financial and organizational resources, we are forced to adhere to certain assistance mechanisms.

Starenki is:

Where does the Foundation raises money from?

Most of the donations come from our followers on Facebook and Instagram. These are ordinary people who trust us and support our activities.

The Foundation has a large number of loyal volunteers who, having visited the grocery store more than once, become our mouthpiece and tell everyone about us and encourage people to donate.

Corporate sector

A certain part of fundraising comes from corporate donations.
In 2020 we have also received two grants, which have been fully utilized as of May 2021.
More interesting figures and details can be seen in our 2020 Report.

Our reporting

Foundation administration

Most of donations are directed to the purchase of food aid packages. However, we also need funds to help us cover administrative costs of the Foundation management. You can read more about this here

donate admin

Where does Starenki Foundation operate now?

Currently, the Foundation operates in three districts of Kyiv (Dniprovsky, Podilsky, Shevchenkivsky), six districts of Dnipro (Central, Amur-Nyzhnodniprovskyi District, Shevchenkivsky, Soborny, Samara and Industrial), and together with the international charity fund Caritas Ukraine we help dependents in Lviv, Boryslav, Kolomyia and Kramatorsk.

We are constantly expanding our volunteer community and the amount of assistance to lonely elderly people, both through the activities of the Foundation and through the dissemination of the idea of good neighborliness.

Want to join? Great! Write to the volunteer coordinator in your city, join volunteer groups or write to us in private messages on Facebook or Instagram.

What can I do to make the Foundation appear in my city?

If we are not yet in your city but you are ready to become our coordinator, write us a letter describing your motivation. But first, please read the section of the site “How it all works” to understand more about the specifics of our activities.

If you want to do something important yourself

Read about Good Neighborliness and start doing something together with friends!
We are sure that you will succeed and you will be able to multiply good on your own! After all, that’s how we started ourselves – from our own simple steps and together with a handful of caring people.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Starenki, our driving force and the most important component of the mechanics of our Foundation, because it is the volunteers who deliver our food and hygiene aid to the wards, provide sweets for our tea parties and delight everyone with their creativity.

All our volunteers are not random people. Everyone has been brought to us by their own story, and everyone who has spent some time with us is changing. It is impossible not to change after communicating with our beloved wards...
During the existence of the Starenki, more than 500 people volunteered with us!
Join the community of our volunteers and lets together bring a little care and joy to our wonderful starenki.
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