Constituent documents and reports

Starenki is an official Charitable Foundation and it is a non-profit organization.

The Foundation has a Charter that defines our field of activity and key objectives.

We are a preferential VAT payer.

The Foundation was founded in 2017. All this time we are submitting official reports to the tax authorities. We also prepare reports for social media in an appropriate format.

In the middle of next month, according to the report, we present our management report.

After a turbulent 2020, we released our annual report for the first time. It turned out to be very interesting. It can be found here (link)

We also prepare reports for our corporate partners after using the funds provided by them under charitable donation agreements.

We recently reported on a grant we received from the European Delegation to Ukraine.

We are very serious about doing everything right. Our activity is largely regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations”. Also, like everyone else, we fall under accounting standards. Our operational team tries very hard to make all our activities as simple and logical as possible and designed according to all the rules.

The Foundation strictly adheres to cashless principle – we do not use cash at all. This allows you to see ALL our activities in a bank statement and a fairly simple report. All donations come to the current account and all payments are made from it.
All payments are standard – purchase of products, packages, printing of leaflets, salaries of employees, website hosting and payment of the legal address or electronic keys for tax submission. Each transfer of charitable assistance must be formalized by the relevant Acts.

Starenki were monitored and certified according to the methodology and principles of the International ICFO Committee. Monitoring in Ukraine is carried out by Charity Tuner.

Starenki are also registered and verified on the Benevity platform, which provides donation management services to more than 250 Fortune Top 1000 companies.

We believe that the best indicator and mechanism of our transparency is our food delivery. Any donor, private or corporate, can see for themselves to what use their money was put. When negotiating corporate donations, we always urge company representatives to join us during the direct delivery of food aid packages to our dependents. Any of you can take part in putting together the food aid packaes and delivering them to the elderly people. This works better than any reporting. Seeing the whole process with your own eyes is better than sitting and doubting. Join us! Together we can do more!