Our Starenki Team

As of January 2022 Starenki Team is a group of more than 20 wonderful women. Each of them worth a poem or an article. Everyone contributes to the help Starenki Foundation is providing. Part of the team are employees of the Foundation, some are professionals provided by local business, others – volunteers.

We have always worked remotely – we do not have an office. Everyone works from where it is more convenient for them and most of the team combines work for the Foundation with other activities. This is a very convenient format, and it allows us to be very efficient.

Varvara Tertychna

Varvara does strategic management and controlling on behalf of Co-Founders Board and coordinates some projects in the Foundations

Mariia Novokshchenova
Managing director

Mariia manages operations of the Starenki Foundation and coordinates the team

Julia Fituni

Julia leads projects of Starenki and younger generation, such as project with Ukrainian Volunteer Service as well she coaches the team

Olga Yamlikhanova

Olga is our master of correct accounting and tax reporting

Nadiia Demydova

Nadiia is our warmest speaker and physological support of the team

Maryna Bezuglova
Documents specialist

Marina is responsible for an order with documents for purchased goods and services

Iryna Baranenko

Iryna is a Foundations speaker, our strategist and master of collaborations

Kateryna Haidai

Kateryna is responsible for Starenki projects in Dnipro and various administrative work

Anna Vereshak

Anna forms Starenki brand, the ton of voice and is our speaker

Mila Shevchuk
Communication specialist

Mila leads all our communications and makes the magic in social media

Alex Mulkevich

Alex is our speaker for the Media and different events, active volunteer and tea parties organizer

Nataliia Shedrina
Purchasing Specialist

Nataliia conducts the purchasing of the Foundation and helps to coordinate direct help
with receiving organizations

Iryna Gladysh

Iryna prepares monthly report and conducts additional checks of all the figures

Anastassia Doroshenko

Anastassia coordinates volunteers on the left bank in Kyiv and makes photos for Starenki

Yuliia Tkachuk

Yuliia tracks the help provided and analysis the data

Maryna Boiko

Maryna coordinates volunteers on the right bank in Kyiv

Olga Galishyna
Project Manager

Olga leads different projects and helps with corporate partnerships

Victoriia Tytarenko

Victoriia coordinates volunteers in Lviv

Tamara Antoniuk

Tamara is our supervolunteer, who can pack 100 packages in a row with no mistakes and then deliver 50 of them easily

Valeriia Brezhneva

Valeriia coordinates volunteers in Dnipro

Milana Lozinska

Milana helps with deliveries coordination and storytelling

Alexandra Shvets

Alexandra coordinates volunteers in Dnipro

Kateryna Chernokhur

Kateryna helps with volunteers management and various tasks in Starenki

Kateryna Sharavara

Kateryna coordinates volunteers in Dnipro

We love everyone who was with us during these years and express our sincere gratitude!

The team changed through the years and we would like to tell everyone how we love all of these people, their energy and contribution towards our common interest – helping elderly in Ukraine! Thank you guys for being with us!

In this gallery we tried to gather photos of as many our past and current team members as possible!