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There are several options for helping the elderly people together with us


Become our donor! You can make a one-time charitable contribution, or you can sign up to contribute on a monthly basis. The more subscriptions we have, the better we can plan our activities.

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Become our volunteer! If you have a few free hours during working days and you are located in the cities where we already deliver food aid packages, you can join the packaging and delivery process. See the smiles of the elderly people with your own eyes!

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Become our corporate donor or partner! Tell your colleagues in charge of social projects about our Foundation. We are ready to provide you with additional materials for this conversation or to make a presentation on our own.

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Become our ambassador! Tell your friends and colleagues about our Foundation, hold auctions and promotions. The more people know about us, the more donations and volunteers we can receive. Accordingly, the more help we can provide to ba and di.

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What are the options for corporate assistance?

Companies can be involved in helping the elderly people in many different ways. The simplest way would be to donate money to support our activities.

Usually, we also urge all corporate donors to be directly involved in the delivery of the food aid packages that they funded. In this way they can see how the money becomes real aid and see the smiles of our dependents with their own eyes and share these emotions with their colleagues.

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We are supported by the corporate sector

What are the options for volunteer-ambassador assistance?

For those who do not have the opportunity to volunteer in food packaging and delivery, there are many options to join. We have many examples of our volunteers creating magic for Starenki! You can get inspired here (link to the section in the Blog)


Do you have an idea of helping Starenki Foundation which is not mentioned here?

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