Report for April

ELDERLIES 🧡 3268 elderly received help during April! Our volunteers helped lonely elderly in Kyiv and Dnipro, and together with Caritas Ukraine we helped our recipients in Lviv, Boryslav, Kolomyia, Poltava, Zhytomyr.
EXPANSION 🌍 Super news! For the first time in Poltava 1000 older people received basic food packages! Also, in addition to this city, in cooperation with Caritas Ukraine, we continue to expand assistance in the Dnipro, Lviv, Zhytomyr and their environs and plan to purchase in other new regions.
VOLUNTEERS 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ A total of 61 volunteers took part in delivering basic food packages in different cities and at the tea party! Thank you all!
REFUGEES 👴🏻 Now we give help not only for locals, but also for those people, who had to flee. 
MIND.UA 📗 About procurement incidents, extreme reorganization of work in the first weeks of the war and delivering food to old people under fire. There is a long article about Starenki’s work during the war on Mind UA
PURCHASING 🛍 In April, we purchased 2,000 kits for the new delivery for old people
PATREON 💸 For those who asked if it’s possible to transfer funds to help the elderly through PayPal. So! We are now on Patreon and you can subscribe monthly to the selected amount via PayPal. 👌🏻
RECORD 💪🏻 There was just a huge reception of food aid in the Dnipro – almost 10 tons of products arrived at once! And a whole team of professional geologists unloaded and packed them from bags into individual packages! Also, employees of DoubleDecker Cake & Coffee and the local branch of Caritas Ukraine. 5 days of continuous work and we made: 1000 ready-made kits for elderly! Currently, another 400 sets are waiting for delivery in 5 districts of the Dnipro – if you can help deliver them, write to the coordinator Kateryna Gaiday on Facebook. Volunteers and help cars are very much needed! 🚗
TEA PARTIES 🫖☕️In Kyiv on Rusanivka the first leisure for our wards took place during the war! Loneliness in the war is even more difficult, and the old people asked us to organize an opportunity for them to gather and communicate. Photo report here::
EASTER. 🌟 Sheptytsky Hospital bought cakes for our common wards in Lviv. In Kyiv, the IT company Axon handed over 100 Easter cakes to the elderly, whose employees decided to please lonely elderly instead of traditional gifts. We bought 200 Easter cakes for our elderly from Shevchenkivskyi district. DoubleDecker Cake & Coffee made a beautiful event on the Dnipro river – not only baked beautiful Easter cakes with mango topping, but also personally went to deliver 80 Easter cakes and talk to our wards! The elderly Dnipro residents also received Easter cakes from the Victory Foundation and the Brooks Café. It is especially nice that volunteers took part in the action “bake and deliver Easter cake to elderly”! 🤗
APPLICATIONS FOR ASSISTANCE 📨 We continue a joint project with the Ukrainian Volunteer Service. If you know single elderly or elderly people who found themselves isolated because of the war and need food or medicine – write a request here:
PROMOTIONS 🎉 Angel of the elderly, our regular donor and ambassador of the Foundation stylist, blogger and fashion expert Marharyta Muradova made a long campaign for her consultations with the transfer of 30% on food kits to the elderly. The action continues!
EXOTIC🌴 A bright event in support of the elderly took place in Ecuador! Among the tropics of South America in embroidered shirts, with Ukrainian dishes, singing the anthem and our and Spanish-language songs, local volunteers raised funds to support the elderly! We thank the family of the Ukrainian consul of Cuenca and Guayaquil and the activist Yuli Payul for organizing it.
VIDEO FOR ELDERLY 🎞 Haven’t you recorded a video for old people yet? We held a campaign: we recorded a video address of volunteers and friends of the foundation with warm words for the elderly and now we show it to them at tea parties! These were not only Easter greetings, but also wishes for good health, reminders that we remember them and oldies are not alone! And of course, about our faith in victory! Record up to 1 minute of horizontal video and send it to Alex Mulkevich on Facebook 🎥