Assistance to Seniors who was left isolated due to war

March 2, 2022

👉At Starenki, we continue our regular activities to provide single retirees with the most essential foods. For now we distribute packages from stocks in warehouses. Volunteers are needed! Dnipro – write Kateryna Gaidai, Kyiv left bank – coordinated by Anastasia Doroshenko, Kyiv right bank – Milana Lozinschi Lozinschi.

👉We have joined our efforts with the Ukrainian Volunteer Service and joined the coordination of assistance to the elderly who for various reasons remained in the city alone (but are not alone in terms used by the social security centers). You can ask for help in the telegram chatbot @VolunteersHotlineBot

👉For volunteers and companies that want to help and can provide food / medicine / humanitarian aid. According to our data, the humanitarian aid headquarters is already working, you can apply on the website

👉If you have the opportunity to help us with transport for the collection and logistics of products in the city, please write to @Mary Novokschenova. If you are a producer and can pass us cereals, pasta, oil and other basic foods, please write to @Mary Novokschenova. We pay from the official bank accounts of the Foundation.

👉Please distribute! And add if you know more options for help.

Let’s unite and support elderlies! Together we can do more!