Starenki during war

March 11, 2022


Dear subscribers!

Like the rest of our wonderful country, our team members have been actively involved in helping the army, territorial defense and everyone who needs it.
At the same time, on behalf of the Starenki Foundation we try to do our best to help our beloved elderly wards, whose situation has worsened.
👉In these two weeks, we have helped more than 1,000 elderly people with food packages.
👉So far we have received products for 1000 more.
👉Also, in coordination with @Ukrainian Volunteer Service, we were able to help dozens of elderly people who found themselves in isolation due to the war, inquiries about whom we received from their relatives in messages.
👉If your seniors are isolated and needs food / medicine,
Or if you are ready to help as a volunteer – write a request in the telegram chatbot and provide your contacts and details about the elderly:
We coordinate inquiries together with partners.
✅We are actively working on further purchases of aid and will need your participation in donations – bank accounts in UAH, USD and EUR are on our website in the “Help” tab ☝ Follow the announcements.
On top we want to sincerely thank you:
💛To all volunteers who, despite the danger, continue to help us pack and deliver aid,
💙donors that continue to fund,
💚social services and Caritas Ukraine representatives who perform their work in these difficult conditions,
🧡To colleagues from the Ukrainian Volunteer Service, who inspire with their enthusiasm and cooperation!

Thank you all! Together we are strong! Let’s believe in Ukrainian Armed Forces and beat this rock! 💪🏻
Sincerely your Starenki team