Report for May

3500 food aid kits are waiting to be delivered to old people! Friends, who has an electric car? Or petrol / petrol coupons in Kyiv – please, respond! We need volunteers with cars for delivery.

May. In May we had difficulties with purchasing products, and that’s why we received the planned order only this month. 132 old people got food aid this month. 20 volunteers took part in delivery of food kits and tea parties also.

Tea parties. Elderly danced, sang the anthem and the song “Chervona kalyna”, took photos, played lotto and watched your videos! In Dniprovskiy district (Kyiv) we had 5 tea parties, 150 old people attended it! In particular, festive meetings dedicated to the Day of Kyiv were made for elderly. You can see our photo report here

Charity percentage. 130 elderly will receive aid thanks to our permanent donor, the ambassador of the Foundation Marharyta Muradova. As a stylist and fashion expert, Marharyta took a long campaign for her consultations and donated 30% of the cost of grocery kits to the elderly.

New website. Another dream of ours, which we went to for a long time – and turned into a war. We have launched a new site! It has everything about the Foundation, how we help the elderly, and our current team (photos!), parts for payments and a monthly subscription to help lonely old people. So we invite you to 

Chile. An action in support of old people took place in Chile. A charity event Rifa Solidaria para Ucrania was held in Santiago de Chile. The event was held thanks to the active center of the Ukrainian community in Chile. Ukrainians in Chile, Ukrainian families who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the war, and friends of Ukraine in Chile took part: Chileans, representatives of the Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and German communities. Thanks to the organizer Kseniia Khytryk with the funds raised we will be able to purchase kits for 145 single elderly!

Applications for assistance. We continue a joint project with Ukrainian Volunteer Service. If you know lonely elderly, who found themselves isolated because of the war and need food or medicine – write a request here   

Patreon. For those who find it more convenient to support the elderly through PayPal, we have launched Patreon. There you can subscribe monthly to the selected amount through PayPal and receive news about the fund. 

Videos for new tea parties. How you can make lonely elderly happier in one minute? Now at tea parties we show old people video messages from our volunteers and friends of the Foundation. They react very warmly and emotionally! To take part, record up to 1 minute of horizontal video and send it to Alex Mulkevich. Say kind words to old people – your wishes, that we remember them, appreciate them and of course believe in victory with them!