Miss Tetiana from Lviv

The first time we entered her small old apartment, we felt the incredible aroma of homemade borscht. Ms. Tetiana, moving in a wheelchair, prepared dinner for herself. Borsch without meat, only cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes. However, so much love from the hostess is invested in cooking! “I’m cooking for myself, because I want something delicious,” says Ms. Tetiana.
Life flew by quickly. For almost 48 years she worked at the famous Lviv factory “Svitoch”. She shared with us her memories and how she sometimes dreams of chocolate and a her workshop at night. Over the years, the smell of chocolate has remained a favorite forever!
Our elderly lady also managed to serve as the local MP and help many people. One day she saw a little boy who was abandoned in the basement and could not leave him, she sheltered and cared for him like a son. She did not have own children.
Now little pensions, loneliness and health problems are all around. However, a good heart and faith in the best helps to wake up every day. “I am grateful for the incredible support of all the young people of the country!” – told us Ms Tetiana before we left…
Thank you for the story to our coordinator from Lviv Victoria Tytarenko

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