Emilia Ivanivna

Emilia Ivanovna, 91, public figure.
The heroine of the project “Out of Time” by Kris Kulakovska for  #starenki


Old age has not become a burden, I do not feel it. If I stopped doing public errands, I would be lost. For many years I have been the head of the Kyiv Union of Friendship of Hero Cities, I am always busy and feel needed.
My husband and I met during the war. Siege of Stalingrad. Fedor Naumovich Ivanchenko was the commander in the intelligence service, and I was a young girl, a paramedic instructor. We have been together since 1944. I have two sons – one teaches at the institute, the other – all his life he worked as a designer at the plant “Arsenal”. Both are retirees, have children, grandchildren, and I am grateful for their care and I can only thank them for everything. They visit me quite often and worry about my health.
I was born in Kyiv in 1926. I will soon be 100 years old. Life is very hectic and interesting for me, because I worked for 50 years at a confectionery named after Karl Marx. First a chemist, then the head of the laboratory, then the head of the shift, the shop. Then, for the first time in the USSR, confectionery received awards for quality.
Communicating with people has always made me happy. There are various circumstances, difficult, but you should find the strength and live, there is no other way. I wish you, young people, to find yourself.
Photo project by Kris Kulakovska “Out of time”