Victoriia Tytarenko, Starenki volunteer coordinator, Lviv

Meet Victoria Tytarenko, «Starenki» coordinator in Lviv. Thanks to her perseverance, the foundation helps Lviv elderly men and women in cooperation with Sheptytsky Hospital and the international charity organization Caritas Ukraine.

«Why do I help elderly people? None of us knows how his life will end. At a respectable age, people find themselves in very different conditions, and very rarely these conditions are good and decent. That is why the elderly people we take care of advise us young people: «Live here and now. Don’t wait for a special opportunity and don’t seek better happiness, because it’s just a moment».
We often visit helplessly sick elderly people who have not been out for years to deliver food packages. Having such an opportunity, I then breathe the air like never before! It’s as if you want to remember that breath and enjoy it to the fullest.
These elderly people are teachers, doctors, engineers, and architects. They may have taught and treated our parents, and built the houses we live in now. We are their hope and faith in a better future, any help from young people (physical or financial) warms the hearts of the elderly people».