Тетяна Петрівна з Києва

Tatiana Petrivna seems to always be in a good mood, laughs a lot and about herself also. And she says that she doesn’t throw anything away – so that when something goes wrong, she can replace it right away. Behind this is the fear of being left without something necessary and in need when you can’t buy it.
We ask who Tetyana Petrivna worked as before – she is proud to say that for 25 years she was the head of the shift of the help desk on the railway! And she laughs that she talked there so much that it is enough for the rest of her life – and now she is “resting” from people. But she immediately admits that she is really lonely and bored when she has no one to talk to, so she often talks to the TV and even quarrels with him.
This lady has a secret love story – but not with her husband … but with the city. She says that she loves Kyiv very much – as a person, and she can’t help but love it, because it is her own city and there is no other like it. And why is that, he can’t answer – “why a person is loved? Because my beloved.”
And then she reveals to us the secrets of old Kyiv: how she lived in the Railway district, near the fish factory, where Sevastopol Square is. Then there was a park, and behind the park there was a well, and behind the well – Sovsky Garden. And the driver rode here and there on horseback and guarded this garden. And I counted with my friends – if he went to Sevastopol Square, he will return in 7 minutes, and you can pass during this time. Near the garden was barbed wire and acacia bushes. A hole was dug near the bushes. “And we are slipped through it! – and in the garden, and there are such great plums, marvelous pears! How sorry I was when they demolished the garden with bulldozers! Now there is the People’s Militia Street, the police academy. And I lived where there was a medical center for heart patients. And then there were the nuts, how many there were, oh! And they built a Turkish town there, the Cadet Grove, demolished everything. And I was born on Batu Mountain. I lived on the highest hill! There was a summer cinema, earlier there was a tram nearby. And on May 1 and October 7, we went to this corner in the summer cinema – and there was always a zeppelin. We were children and wondered – how ?! How does he stay there, what rope did they tie him to? “
Photo: Khrystyna Kulakovska
Mykyta Korbut and Khrystyna Kulakovska listened to the stories

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