Lydia Ivanivna

Lydia Ivanivna is now 75 years old, before her retirement her whole working life was creative – she sang in the Dumka chapel. She hurries to explain us that it is like the Virovka choir – but it is a folk choir, and the chapel is academic singing. She recalls that rehearsals were held on Velyka Pidvalna Street in Kyiv, where the Theater Suzirya is now located.
And she shares nostalgically how many times she has toured – both in Europe and in America. People say that it is good in other places than we are now – but really, then their team was well received everywhere. Lydia Ivanovna visited France twice a year, and sometimes visited Holland, Germany, and Austria.
It was the only real pleasure in her life – to travel. But she admits that then it was physically and morally very difficult, because it is not a vacation, but a hard touring work – and she rarely went out at least somewhere to walk freely, let alone have a rest.
The academic team also performed in churches and cathedrals. In Kyiv, they often took part in concerts in Mykhailivsky cathedral, in the organ hall, in the Ukraine Palace. In terms of acoustics, she enjoyed performing at the Philharmonic and the Opera House, where she often performed Verdi’s Requiem. She talks about it so enthusiastically, she remembers in such details that it is not even nostalgia, but a huge piece of the heart that remained in those days, along with the tour of the academic choir.
Photo: Khrystyna Kulakovska
Mykyta Korbut and Khrystyna Kulakovska listened to the stories

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