Report for February and March

April 14, 2022

This is an unusual report for us – for two months together, which we are issuing during war. However, results  are extraordinary: since the beginning of the war, we have increased aid and even been able to start implementing  long-standing plans.

ASSISTANCE In February-March, 3,256 elderly received food kits in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Kolomyia, Boryslav and Zhytomyr.

GIFT! After the declaration of martial law, our regular supplier METRO Cash & Carry has allocated 1,000 charitable food kits for the old ones!

ENLARGEMENT Despite the war, we are implementing our plan to expand the geography and the amount of aid! In March, we bought for the first time and together with Caritas Ukraine partners started delivering aid to 500 lonely elderly in Zhytomyr! And in Lviv significantly expanded the number of recipients of help!

HYGIENE More than 1,000 elderly received the necessary hygiene products. For the first time in Kyiv, we bought a whole truck of them at once! For the elderly of Shevchenkivskyi, Podilskyi and Dniprovskyi districts, whose social service offices are currently cooperating with our foundation. Also, together with Caritas Ukraine, we delivered diapers and nappies for the elderly in Boryslav, Lviv, and Kolomyia.

VOLUNTEERS During this two months, 75 volunteers in Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipro provided assistance to elderly. Our volunteers brought packages to Vynohradar and Kurenivka to the elderly recipients even on the days of the shelling of these areas! Thank you all for your contribution and kind hearts!

PROCUREMENT We are constantly making new purchases – looking for suppliers and opportunities to help non-stop in new realities. At the moment our volunteers are not just packing ready-made packages of sugar and cereals – they are packing tons of these products from 25-kilogram bags into individual packages! In total, we purchased 3,310 packages (except 1,000 donated items) in two months – and we will now deliver everything in stock.

APPLICATIONS FOR HELP One of the main news! More than 500 elderly people have already received assistance with the help of this chatbot

WHAT IT IS? We have joined forces with our partner, the Ukrainian Volunteer Service, and are accepting applications for assistance to elderly people who have remained isolated due to the war. Requests are processed by our coordinators and then distributed among UVS volunteers.

Please fill in the application form in the chatbot carefully! Indicate at once all the needs of the elderly and the necessary details: dosage of medication, your contact, etc.

COLLABORATIONS: The flow of actions in support of the elderly is not declining! Our subscribers and donors are doing a lot to draw attention to the elderly during the war and raise funds to help them! And for each donate, they post their own photos from childhood for subscribers, do promotions for tattoos, sell T-shirts with designer designs! And also they regularly ask friends to help the elderly instead of a birthday present!

Special thanks to all the organizations that compile lists of verified Foundations to which funds can be donated in Ukraine. Due to our complete and transparent financial statements, Starenki is always on such lists. Funds can be sent for the purchase of food packages, hygiene products for the elderly and to support the work of the foundation here: