“When elderly write us letters of gratitude, we cry from these words…” Історія корпоративної допомоги Skywind

When did your company first realize the need to participate in charity?

About a year after the founding of the company in Kyiv, we realized that we want to help, because we have such an opportunity. At first, these were some small fundraisers for various needs, and later the Company created an international program that encouraged employees to join volunteering. We wanted to make it part of our corporate culture, so we started planning big projects in all the countries where the company had offices.

Why is it important for you to participate in such cases?

Because helping others is important. I always try to think, if not me, then who? Such thoughts encourage not to pass by people and even animals that need help. In addition, when people see that others are helping, it motivates them to do good things. You know it`s like in the cartoon “Klaus” – “a true selfless act inspires people to new ones.” By the way, it’s a great cartoon – I highly recommend it to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.


What areas of charity is your priority?

There are no priorities, because many areas are suffering. That’s why we try to help people, animals, and nature.

And why did you decide to help the elderly?

It is a pity to look at our elderly people. At such moments, you think that they have worked for so many years, and in old age will remain alone and without the most necessary things. The stories of some elderly people are heartbreaking. That is why we decided that helping elderly is very important.

How did you find out about Starenki?

I was looking for charity organizations and found Starenki.

Are your company’s employees involved in choosing which foundation to help this time?

Yes, of course. We even had a whole committee that decided who we help to, and also we asked employees and encouraged them to share contacts of charity foundations they would like to help.

How often do you organize charity events?

It used to be more often, about 3-4 times a year. Now it’s less. Sometimes we try to make promotions for holidays, for example, Easter or Christmas, so that the old people have twice as much pleasant attention and they don’t feel so alone on holidays.

Have your employees already been directly involved in our deliveries of care to elderly?

Yes, of course, they participate in every charity event that we hold! Usually, these are very emotional days and for a few days after the end we discuss the impressions in our chats! And when elderly write letters of gratitude, we can even cry from the touching words they write!


How did Skywind respond to helping the elderly?

Very well, with understanding and inspiration.

What impressions do colleagues share after a charity event for elderly?

I know it is always a very emotional day. On one hand, it hurts to the point of tears when you see how some old people live, and on the other hand, the heart is filled with joy that at least on this day we were able to bring them a little joy, emotions and just human communication.

What do you see as decent living conditions for older people in Ukraine?

It is very painful that the elderly have usually worked all their lives, and then are left alone with very small pensions, they can not even buy medicine. We really want our grandparents to spend their old age in joy, to travel, enrich themselves with new experiences, and most importantly: to be able to provide themselves with medicine, food, warmth and just some little things that would bring joy. Every time we made a delivery, the grandparents tried to treat us with something. This is so touching! That even when they lack something, they are always ready to share goodies with others. I really wanted every person to have such generosity and everyone helped whomever they could.

What impressed/surprised you the most about helping elderly or their stories?

Conditions in which people live. The loneliness in which they remained. And also the understanding that behind these people there are life stories: elderly were full of dreams, hopes, love, interesting achievements and confidence in the future. And they definitely did not plan to spend their old age alone like this.

Answers from Natalie Melinchuk, Head HR Skywind Group